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Applications of SMS notification and messaging services:

For banks:

  • Notifications of card holders about card transactions (optionally with feedback)
  • Notifications about decisions on credit requests
  • Notifications about expiration of a time deposit, alerts about new services and deposit offerings
  • Automated systems of electronic document flow

For commercial companies:

  • Notifications about new products, discounts, campaigns and special offers

For insurance companies:

  • Notifications about upcoming policy expiration, about the decision of insurance compensation payment

For e-commerce:

  • Notifications about order status (submitted, accepted, delivered, etc.)
  • Bill payment reminders to clients

For clubs, restaurants, cafes, bars:

  • Notifications about invited musicians, menu novelties

For transport:

  • Real-time communication between departments and units
  • Notifications about trip/flight status, ticket payment status, accumulated miles in loyalty programs

For car dealers and service center:

  • Notifications about order status, spare parts arrival, car availability, scheduled maintenance
  • Alerts to clients about order progress and status

For organizers of events, exhibitions, conferences:

  • Notifications about event preparation, check-in, presentations, meetings
  • Messages about corporate events

For travel agencies:

  • Notifications about new offerings, last-minute tours, visa status

For management, monitoring, control, security, and safety systems:

  • Automated notifications about object status
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Order a callback and we will call you back and answer all your questions