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Connection from 60000 rubles
Subscription fee from 5400 roubles/month
The service provides an opportunity to pay for services and goods by sending an SMS to a short number.

SMS Short Number service from SMS Traffic allows subscribers to pay for services and goods by sending SMS. It is convenient and takes little time. The cost of a premium SMS sent to the assigned number will be deducted from the subscriber's account. The convenience and availability of such a service are due to the high level of cellular penetration in Russia. Short number service continues to enjoy wide popularity as an effective tool for expanding the customer base and increasing sales. All major mobile service providers, including Beeline, have such services.

Charging methods for short numbers

For SMS reception service, short numbers are four-digit numbers. They can be connected to the Beeline network and other operators. The number is connected according to the tariff selected by the customer. Charging of short number services can be:

  1. Non-premium. Strictly on a subscription contract with the number for sending SMS.
  2. Billing (increased message cost with revenue sharing from the Operator).

You can buy any package and use as many numbers as you like.

Number selection

SMS Traffic offers two categories of short code numbers - Unique and Split. Unique is allocated to one provider only. More than one provider uses shared short numbers. Therefore, to communicate with each of them, a code identifying the recipient is included at the beginning of the SMS text. In the first case, the activation for the entire list of Operators and the monthly subscription fee for each of them is paid, while in the second case, only the total monthly subscription fee is charged. Any SMS to a short number involves the subscriber receiving a reply to the message as confirmation that the service has been provided.

In both cases, the same SMS number applies to mobile operators' networks.

A Short Split Number is economically viable if the customer plans for small traffic. In addition, if it needs to launch the service quickly or is conducting a pilot project to evaluate the consumer potential of the products or services offered. The cost of using a Shared number is lower than using a Unique number. Accordingly, it is more profitable. And the procedure for launching the service does not require waiting for the number to be allocated.

What is included in the Short Number Service?

The Short Number SMS service package includes configuring technical interaction with the customer or programming the service logic according to the technical specification.

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