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SMS Traffic's SMS Inbox service allows the customer to receive messages from their customers during voting, quizzes, and surveys. The service also allows for feedback and remote interaction with target groups. In this case, the subscriber-only pays for the cost of the message sent according to the tariffs of his operator.

Incoming SMS numbers are divided into short and federal numbers. A short number is a four-digit number for receiving incoming messages connected to each operator at a rate chosen by the customer. Its pricing can be:

  • Billing (increased cost of the message with profit sharing from the Operator);
  • Non-premium (strictly under a subscription contract for sending SMS).

Federal is a standard 11-digit smpp number for receiving messages from subscribers. It is connected to one operator and can be used by all others. Each SMS is charged strictly at the subscriber rate; by default, messages to a federal number do not imply an automatic response. The cost of connecting the numbers consists of a monthly maintenance fee.

The number can be Unique and Shared. The first type is allocated to one customer only, and messages coming to it are transmitted over the internet. More than one customer uses a Shared number. Therefore, to receive a message from the right recipient, the sender has to specify a code that identifies the recipient at the beginning of the SMS text. SMS messages can be delivered to a customer's personal account on the website, to a designated email address, or an application (script).

The sending and receiving of messages is done through the SMS center, which provides a reliable and fast communication channel.

For outgoing messages to subscribers, the incoming number can be assigned as the "name" of the SMS sender, which makes "feedback" comfortable and easy for the consumer, and also allows you to organize SMS mailing.

The incoming number has the international format (for example, +7903XXXXXXXXX), so subscribers of the vast majority of cellular operators from all over the world can send SMS to it.

The service is implemented using special SMS center equipment, which allows you to receive more than 10 SMS per second and route them following specified rules.

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