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SMS Notifications

from 2 000 rub.
SMS Notifications

SMS messaging was and remains the most effective way of marketing communications, providing direct contact with the consumer of goods and services via a mobile phone. Direct interaction with the subscriber stimulates consumer demand, allows you to quickly inform about promotions and "hot" offers, increases the recognition of the brand. SMS Traffic historically takes the leading position in the legitimate SMS market, offering quality and efficient service.

Our advantages:

  • Flexibility. Possibility of both automated and manual SMS sending via Internet. Manual SMS sending or single SMS sending is carried out via a secure area at our website smstraffic.ru or via E-mail. Automated sending is possible by means of different protocols to be selected by the customer: SMPP, HTTP/HTTPS or E-mail. Both single and batch sending is possible.
  • Feedback. Possibility of tracking the status of every sent SMS (delivered, in a queue at SMS centre, subscriber unavailable, etc.), date and time of delivery in real time via Internet.
  • Reliability. Guaranteed SMS delivery to a subscriber within 24 hours regardless of their location, for example in roaming area (provided the subscriber is in the coverage area). If the message cannot be delivered right after being sent (for example, the subscriber's phone is turned off or is outside the coverage area), the SMS will be delivered as soon as they turn on the phone or enter the network.
  • Confidentiality. Possibility of sending SMS messages from the customer via HTTPS or IPSec protocol with encoding, which eliminates the risk of confidential information leakage (wiretap). The data received from you will never be communicated to any third parties or used for any purposes other than the delivery of your messages.
  • Identification. Possibility to substitute your sender name in SMS messages. For example, the sender name can be the name of your company for quick identification by the recipient, a hotline number for voice response, number of a back channel for SMS reply.
  • Quality. Guaranteed SMS delivery to the subscriber within 5 seconds (provided the subscriber's phone is working). Monitoring of hardware operability. Channel backup and data replication.
  • Traffic capacity.We use direct connections to carrier SMS centers, which enables us to achieve higher traffic and minimize delivery delays.
  • Additional services. Sending of messages to Skylink subscribers. Delayed sending. Storage of subscriber bases in your account with grouping. Automatic substitution of subscriber names in messages to be sent. Traffic division by subaccounts (branches, departments) with individual accounting reports for each subaccount.
Order a callback and we will call you back and answer all your questions
Order a callback and we will call you back and answer all your questions
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