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SMS Banking

SMS Banking

SMS Traffic offers an SMS banking product

Today, many banks introduce a new service for their clients called "SMS banking". SMS banking is a remote banking service via mobile phones. Upon each money withdrawal operation with a card account (purchase using a card, cash withdrawal in an ATM), the client connected to the SMS Bank system receives an SMS message with information on the transaction. Such SMS message usually includes the charged amount, part of the credit card number, date, time, and place of the transaction (shop or ATM location).

SMS Traffic offers banks and financial institutions an SMS channel (for sending and receiving of SMS messages) for their SMS Bank system

SMS Traffic offers a robust SMS channel for sending and receiving of text SMS messages. A special incoming number is allocated for receiving SMS messages. Sending and receiving of messages is carried out via operator SMS centers, which provides a reliable and fast (more than 10 messages per second) SMS channel.

A system based on our SMS channel can offer you the following capabilities:

  • Send SMS messages to card holders after each transaction.
  • Send scheduled card account statements and/or information on the last 10 transactions.
  • Send on-request card balance information and/or information on the last 10 transactions (the client sends an SMS request to a special incoming number).
  • Send any other information to cell phones of clients or employees.

Corporate customers of SMS Traffic also have access to:

  • Automated sending and receiving of SMS messages via Internet (HTTP/HTTPS, SMPP protocols and E-mail).
  • Possibility of SMS status tracking (delivered, in a queue at SMS centre, subscriber unavailable, etc.) in real time (via Internet).
  • Guaranteed SMS delivery to the subscriber within 24 hours regardless of their location, for example in roaming area (provided the subscriber is in the coverage area). If the message cannot be delivered right after being sent (for example, the subscriber's phone is turned off or is outside the coverage area), the SMS will be delivered as soon as they turn on the phone or enter the network.

Possibility to substitute your sender name in SMS messages

The following can be used as the sender name:

  • Name of your company - for quick identification by the recipient
  • Hotline number - for voice response
  • Number of a back SMS channel - for SMS reply
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