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Short Number

Short Number

SMS Traffic offers assistance in the implementation of various mobile services based on short numbers

The idea is simple. The subscriber sends an SMS to a short four-digit number (for example, 1129). The mobile operator charges them a certain message fee set for this short number (usually it is more than the cost of an ordinary outgoing SMS). Message information is communicated to the provider, processed by them, and the subscriber receives the ordered service.

Short numbers

Short numbers usually consist of four digits. Every mobile operator allocates numbers independently, but it is possible to select the same short number with all operators. Every short number is assigned fee which the user pays for sending an SMS to this number. The provider selects the fee based on the operator's rate schedule. The price is typically the same for subscribers of all operators. The fee is fixed and does not depend on the text of SMS sent by the user.

It is possible to assign a new number for provider services or use one of our existing numbers. In the first case, the short number is used only for the services of this provider (dedicated or unique number). In the second case, one and the same number is shared by several providers (shared number) with prefixes used in SMS texts to differentiate messages addressed to different services. For example, if an SMS sent by the user to such short number starts with "A", it is processed by one provider, and if a message starts with "Z", then it is processed by another provider. In both cases, one and the same four-digit short number is used in the networks of all operators.

Advantages of using shared numbers as compared to dedicated ones:

  1. The cost is lower.
  2. No need to wait for the dedicated number. You just need to coordinate the service and start using it. And if such service is already coordinated with operators, you can start right away.

Disadvantages of shared numbers:

  1. Sometimes this service is less convenient for subscribers because of limitations in the request text.
  2. Limited range of rates.

Shared numbers can fit you, if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  1. Low traffic is planned.
  2. You would like to start as soon as possible and do not want to wait for assignment of a unique number.
  3. You would like to launch a pilot project with a limited budget in order to assess the result before setting up a unique number.

How to start

If you are ready to start or consider the possibility of using short number service, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact us to receive updated and detailed information on prices and profit split terms. Please include the following in your request:
  2. Set the exact price of the service, choose between a shared or a unique number and decide on the type of cooperation with us
  3. Provide a detailed description of the service
  4. We make an agreement with you and simultaneously coordinate your service with operators
  5. Adjustment of technical interaction or programming of service logics based on your specification
  6. Launch of the service
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